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Volume No 38 Issue No 1

Implementation of Standard Operating Procedure in Ophthalmic Practice during Covid 19 Era across Pakistan

Purpose: To analyze the implementation of standard operating procedures (SOP) in different ophthalmic settings of Pakistan during Covid 19. Study Design: Cross sectional online survey. Place and Duration of Study: Baqai Medical University & Karachi Medical and Dental College, from 11th to 25th January 2021. Methods: This online survey included doctors working as consultants, medical officers and trainees in ophthalmology setups. A self-designed questionnaire on Google forms was sent online to see the implementation of standard operating procedures during COVID 19. Results: A total of 400 participants were selected by snowball sampling technique. A response rate was 105 (26.5%). Females were 66 (62.86%). Among all participants, 36.19% responded that they always screened patients for COVID 19 at reception. Doctors who always wore masks were 96.19%. Out of those who responded, 16.19% and 11.43% always wore protective goggles and disposable gowns respectively. Only 55.24% practiced hand sanitization, 18.10% washed hands with soap and 30.48% cleaned slit lamps after seeing each patient. Doctors who always asked for PCR before ocular surgery under general anesthesia were 65 (61.90%) and for local anesthesia were 36 (34.29%). Direct Ophthalmoscopy, tonometry, and gonioscopy were performed when necessary by 56.19%, 80.00%, 80.00% of doctors respectively. Only 69.5% were satisfied with precautionary measures. Conclusion: Clinic management needs improvement in implementing SOPs among patients in an eye OPD. Fifty percent of the ophthalmologists received PPE by their administration. Only 69.5% doctors were satisfied with precautionary measures.

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