ISSN 0886-3067

Volume No 36 Issue No 4

Effects of Intravitreal Aflibercept in Patients with Central Serous Chorioretinopathy

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to assess the efficacy of intravitreal injection of Afliberceptin patients with chronic central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR). Study Design: Interventional case series. Place and Duration of Study: Multan Medical and Dental Centre and Bodla Eye Care from February 2019 to February 2020. Methods: This study was conducted on fifteen eyes with sub-acute to chronic central serous chorioretinopathy. All patients who had undergone previous treatment with laser photocoagulation, intravitreal triamcinolone, or bevacizumab in past 3 months, history of glaucoma (intraocular pressure > 21 mmHg), patients who lost to follow-up, and those with previously vitrectomized eyes were excluded. Patients were treated with a single dose of intravitreal injection of Aflibercept (0.5 mg/0.05 ml). Visual acuity with Log MAR chart and central retinal thickness were studied before and after the injection.

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