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Volume No 36 Issue No 4

Frequency of Post-Operative Hypotony in 23 Gauge and 25 Gauge Pars Plana Vitrectomy in Advanced Diabetic Eye Disease

Purpose: To compare the frequency of post-operative hypotony between 23G PPV and 25G PPV in advanced diabetic eye disease. Study Design: Quasi experimental study. Place and Duration of Study: Study was conducted at department of Ophthalmology, Lahore General Hospital, Lahore from 7th April 2016 to 6th October 2016. Methods: Total 100 cases of advanced diabetic eye disease with age ranging from 25 – 65 years and either gender were selected. Patients with nystagmus and claustrophobia, lamellar macular holes, epiretinal membrane and neovascular glaucoma were excluded. Patients were divided by lottery method into 2 groups. Data of the patient i.e. name, age, sex, patient’s registration number and address was recorded. Every patient had detailed preoperative work-up; including best corrected visual acuity by Snellen’s chart, intraocular pressure by applanation tonometer, indirect ophthalmoscopy and B-scan for retinal status. Group A underwent 23G PPV and group B underwent 25G PPV. Patients were followed after 24 hours of surgery to measure intraocular pressure to access hypotony. Results: Mean age of patients in group A was 50.16 ± 10.40 years and in group B was 50.26 ± 9.91 years. Out of 100 patients 57 (57.0%) were females and 43 (43.0%) were males, with female to male ratio of 1.1:1. Post-operative hypotony was seen in 24 (48.0%) patients with 23G PPV and 02 (4.0%) patients with 25G PPV (p-value = 0.0001). Conclusion: This study concluded that the frequency of post-operative hypotony in 23G Pars Plana Vitrectomy was higher as compared to 25G Pars Plana Vitrectomy in advanced diabetic eye disease.

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