ISSN 0886-3067

Volume No 36 Issue No 3

Treatment of Entropion A modified Technique

Purpose: To study the results of a modified technique of Entropion correction at a Tertiary care hospital. Study Design: Quasi experimental study. Place and Duration of Study: Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust (LRBT), a tertiary care teaching Eye hospital, Korangi, Karachi, for a duration of six months, from January 2018 to June 2018. Material and Methods: Patients with senile entropion were included in the study. Patients with recurrent entropion, cicatricial entropion, chronic/acute ocular and adnexal infection were excluded. Three equally spaced double-armed 60 vicryl horizontal mattress sutures were used to close the skin and orbicularis muscle of the wound with a bite of the retractors in the center and a 5 mm silicone tube bolster place in the superior loop. Postoperative treatment of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and topical lubricant eye gel were given. Patients were examined on 11stpost operative day and then weekly interval for up to one month and thereafter every month for up to six months.

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