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Volume No 34 Issue No 1

Mean Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in High Myopics using Optical Coherence Tomography in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan

Purpose: To assess the mean retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in high myopic patients using optical coherence tomography in a developing country like Pakistan. Study Design: Cross Sectional with non-probability, Purposive Sampling. Place and Duration of Study: The Ophthalmology Department, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, from 25th January 2014 to 25th July 2014. Material and Methods: This study was conducted at the Ophthalmology Department, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre from 25th January 2014 to 25th July 2014. 161 patients between 12 to 40 years were analyzed. Patients with highly myopic eyes were selectively enrolled in the study while those with other eye diseases were excluded. Data was analyzed in SPSS version 19. Results: The average age of patients was 26.02 (SD 7.15) years. Mean duration of myopia was 2.74 (SD 1.38) years. There were 78 (48.44%) males and 83 (51.56%) females. The mean RNFL thickness was 88.61 7.41 and 87.88 7.12 in right and left eyes respectively. A significant mean RNFL difference between right and left eyes in male patients (p = 0.016) was observed. Conclusion: Individuals with high myopia have a tendency to develop decreased thickness of retinal nerve fiber layer and are subjected to various sight threatening pathologies. Hence, adequate prophylactic measures should be taken for management to save the sight of patients from deterioration. Key Words: High myopia, Optical coherence tomography, Retinal nerve fiber layer thickness.

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