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Volume No 33 Issue No 4

Comparison of Complications between Forceps and Injector Delivery for Acrylic Multipiece IOL

Purpose: To compare complications between forceps and injector delivery for Acrylic multipiece intraocular lens (IOL) in phacoemulsification. Study Design: Non-randomized Clinical Trial. Place & Duration of Study: Yaqin Vision Eye center from October 2002 to June, 2017. Material and Methods: All patients undergoing routine phacoemulsification with implantation of foldable acrylic multipiece IOL (Acrysof MA60 AC, Alcon, USA) were included in the study. The patients were divided into two groups according to the method of insertion of the IOL. Group A included patients undergoing foldable implantation with forceps while group B included patients in which injector was used to implant the IOL. Any complications arising during insertion of IOL were recorded in the electronic records of the patients. Results: There were 820 patients out of which Group A included 408 patients while group B included 412 patients In group A there were 392 (96%) IOLs implanted in the bag and 16 (4%) in the sulcus. In group B there were 396 (96%) IOLs implanted in the bag and 16 (4%) in the sulcus. Forceps delivery needed enlargement of incision to 3.5 4.0 mm for IOL insertion with no insertion related complication. While Injector delivery needed only 3.0 mm enlargement of wound with few injectors related complications. These included optic and haptic damage 2 (0.48%), flipping of IOL back to front 4 (0.97%) and posterior capsular rent (PCR) with haptic 1 (0.24%) while injecting. Conclusion: Delivery of multipiece IOL with injector has more complications compared to forceps delivery. Keywords: Phacoemulsification, Acrylic intraocular lens, Injector, Forceps.

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