ISSN 0886-3067

Volume No 31 Issue No 3

Microinvasive Invasive Glaucoma Surgery: Principles Shaping Glaucoma Surgery for the Future
Mohammed Sohaib Mustafa
Assessment of “Imtiaz’s Sign” for Early Detection of Hypovitaminosis A
Syed Imtiaz Ali Shah, Shujaat Ali Shah, Partab Rai, Shahid Jamal Siddiqui Safdar Ali Abbasi, Shabir Ahmad Bhutto
Effect of Topical Latanoprost 0.005% Drops on Central Corneal Thickness in Patients with Primary Open Angle Glaucoma
Akhunzada Mohammad Aftab, Mubashir Rehman, Sher Akbar Khan, Farooq Khan, Awais Rauf
Prevention of Exposure Keratopathy with Sahaf Wet Chamber
Muhammad Sharjeel, Irfan Qayyum Malik, Ch Javed iqbal, Farhan Ali, Imran Akram
Serum Sodium and Potassium Levels in Senile Cataract Patients and Age – Matched Normal Individuals
Rayees Ahmad Sofi, Waseem Raja, Junaid Nabi, Asmat Ara Mufti
Screening of Diabetic Retinopathy in a Diabetic Medical Center
Saher Khalid, Mohammad Moin, Muhammad Imran Hasan Khan
Pattern of Pediatric Eye Diseases
Soufia Farrukh, Muhammad Abidl Atif, Ahmad Hussain Klasra, Munawer Ali
Role of Tetracycline in Corneal Neovascularization
Arshad Ali Lodhi, Murtaza, Munawar Ahmed, Noman Ahmed Ghulam Haider, Sameen Afzal Junejo, Mustafa Kamal
Frequency of Common Eye Diseases in Pediatric Outpatient Department of A Tertiary Care Hospital
Kaneez Fatima, Erum Shahid, Arshad Shaikh
Sheep in the Skin of a Wolf, An Unusual Sub-retinal Lesion
Tayyaba Gul Malik, Muhammad Khalil, Afzal Hussain
A Unique Case of Optic Disc Pit in One Eye with CSC in Other Eye
Haroon Tayyab, Akhwand Abdul Majeed Jawad
Erratum - Efficacy of Intra-vitreal Bevacizumab for Resolution of Macular Edema Secondary to Central Retinal Vein Occlusion
Afshan Ali, Muhammad Younis Tahir
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