ISSN 0886-3067

Volume No 24 Issue No 3

Management of Dry Eye Syndrome
Zahid Kamal Siddiqui
Management of Dry Eye Syndrome
Zahid Kamal Siddiqui
Glaucoma Burden in a Public Sector Hospital
P.S. Mahar, M. Aamir Shahzad
The Effect of Trabeculectomy on Corneal Curvature
Farah Akhtar
Serum Glycoproteins in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Patients With and Without Cataract
Anjuman Gul Memon, Ata-ur-Rahman, Nessar Ahmed
Outcome of Laser in Situ Keratomeliusis (Lasik) in Low to High Myopia: Review of 200 Cases
Muhammad Saeed Iqbal, Adil Salim Jafri, P.S. Mahar
Trabeculectomy: A Long Term Follow-up of 455 Cases
Mirza Shafiq Ali Baig, Jamshed Ahmed, Mohammad Shafique Khan
Retinal Artery Macroaneurysm with Hard Exudate
Syed Irshad Haider, Sharif Hashmani, Sadat Shah
Myopia and Near Work Activity in Maderassa Children in Karachi
Tahir Masaud Arbab, Saeed Iqbal, Sami-ur-Rehman Khan, Manzoor A. Mirza
Role of Orbital Septum and Sub Orbicularis Fibroadipose Tissue in Congenital Ptosis Surgery
Rao Muhammad Rashad Qamar, Qasim Mansoor, Mazhar-uz-Zaman Somro, Imran Atta-ullah
Tahir Mahmood
Phacoemulsification Under Topical With Intar-Cameral Vs Retrobulbar and Sub-tenon Anesthesia
Raj Kumar Advani, Faiz Mohammad Halepota
News and Events
Hamid Mahmood
Diabetic Macular Edema
Tahir Mahmood
Ocular Myiasis
Ijaz Latif, Rao Rashid Qamar, Imran Attaullah, Mazhar-uz-Zaman Soomro

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