ISSN 0886-3067

Volume No 38 Issue No 1

Angle Recession in Patients with Closed Globe Injury

Purpose: To determine the frequency of angle recession following closed globe injury in patients presenting to the department of ophthalmology of a tertiary care hospital of Pakistan. Study Design: Descriptive observational study. Place and Duration of Study: Study was conducted at Eye-A Unit, Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar from 14th March 2017 to 14th Sept 2017. Methods: One hundred and sixty three patients were selected for this study after applying WHO sample size calculation formula. Patients with history of closed globe injury were recruited through consecutive sampling technique. A detailed history regarding trauma, causative agent, duration of injury and site of impact was taken. Ocular examination including visual acuity and detailed examination of both anterior and posterior segment was carried out using slit lamp biomicroscope. Gonioscopy was performed to check the presence and extent of angle recession. Results: Mean age was 33 8.82 years. Seventy five percent patients were male and 25% female. Type of trauma included; 57 (35%) patients had road traffic accidents, 33 (20%) patients had stone injuries, 37 (23%) patients had sports injuries while 36 (22%) patients had eye trauma due to other types like fall, fight, glass injuries, chemical exposures etc. In 90 (55%) patients, right eye was affected while 73 (45%) patients had trauma in left eye. Duration of trauma was ? 2 days in 124 (76%) patients while mean duration was 1 day with SD 1.034. Conclusion: Frequency of angle recession was 28% following closed globe injury.

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